ChillwaveTech will come to you to fix your Tech

We have a fully qualifed staff of IT proffessionals that will come to you to solve all of your Home Networking needs.

PC's Desktop computers Laptops Tablets Phones Networking Wifi Printers and any other smart device you may have are all devices we can help you with. We specialize in designing and building your perfect Home Office environment so that you can reach your goals of maximum productivity.

$75 per hour for all tasks. One hour minimum. The minimum rate will be charged to your credit card when the tech arrives onsite, and he will give you an hour of his time. If your project exceeds the one hour minimum, the rate after that will be $75 per hour, charged to your card on job completion, or at the end of each working day. We accept credit cards and PayPal.

We look forward to hearing from you.
Email us at or call 480-439-8939 to setup your appointment today.

Portfolio Image

Home Office

Desktop Laptop Printer Wifi Webcam

Portfolio Image

Laptop Configuration

Three additional Monitors

Portfolio Image

Apple Workstation

Two external Monitors with Tablet

Portfolio Image

Laptop Workstation

Dual Widescreen Monitors

Portfolio Image

Gaming PC

Full racing cockpit with second monitor

Portfolio Image

Four Monitor Workstation

Sit Stand Desk with Monitor Mounts

Portfolio Image

Laptop Desktop PS4

Laptop And PS4 with Monitor Desktop dual monitors

Portfolio Image

Music Creator Workstation

Silent PC Build With Audiophile Equipment

Portfolio Image

Content Creation Workstation

Sitstand Desk Audio Monitors HD Microphone Dual Monitors With Stand